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We are going to continue innovating

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Offices, showroom and store dedicated to lighting


Our experience in this sector makes us recognized professionals .Advice, quality and our own brands:

With this brand we are developing and manufacturing LED giant bulbs with high power. They can be sold loose or accompanied by accessories to assemble a LED decorative luminary.
We expect, with this idea, to bring to the decorative market: innovation, practicality, creativity and the best, at really competitive prices, since the complements that accompany the light bulbs and with which you can assemble the luminaries are manufactured in Spain. In addition to the current series, we already have more ideas and registered forms to continue creating products around this idea and within this brand.

Within this brand we manufacture light bulbs, LED tubes, projectors, ceilings, removable ceiling plates, recessed equipment in several sizes and power and everything, with LED technology. We have developed our own heat dissipater suitable for some of our products. We have two different ranges:
- The Edison range, we use chips of this brand and the result is high reliability and competitive price
- The Domestic range, we use generic chips, but very tested, thus obtaining an excellent price without sacrificing much durability.
Todos nuestros productos están garantizados dos años y los desarrollamos nosotros empleando componentes propios o de mercado pero en culquier caso, bajo el control de neustras cadenas de montaje.

Incolamp in figures


Years of experience

Throughout these years, lighting has experienced changes in production, in styles, it has gone through the crisis, but above all, it has faced a technological revolution that has changed everything. The acquired experience has been fundamental to be able to situate in first line.

Our own brands of products

Two brands to cannel, group and personalize all efforts in design, creativity and innovation.
One of them has recognition in the market, and the other one is thought as a new and imaginative experience.
We are focusing on them our expectations of future.

Unique business challange

Rationalizing the work of the present, keeping the illusion in all areas of the company and believing in what we do, is a way to guarantee a stable and prosperous future.